31.12.2012:Maybe a walk around El Torcal, Antequera is in the cards, since our weather has been so good lately... 

09.09.2012:Pictures taken from the annual pilgrimage (Romeria Alora 2012) that begins at the lower square in Alora and finishing at the convent just above us.   

06.08.2012:We had a trip down to Fuengirola to check out the Bioparc there. We were all pleasantly surprised about the Zoo. The location is in the middle of Fuengirola just a 40 minutes drive from Alora Valley View Accommodations. Well worth seeing. Check out the pictures.

23.07.2012:The harvest has begun and we can now offer fresh vegetables from our garden. The favourite is the cherry tomatoes as a side with bacon and eggs in the morning.

28.05.2012:Check out this city - Trip to Cadiz 

17.04.2012:We have just had completed installation of new double glazed windows with a Sun Guardian coating in the whole house! This means even greater comfort during the summer and winter!

08.04.2012:JR just made some homemade marmalade with oranges from our dear neighbours from down in the valley. All our guests will now get an extra indulgence. :-)

06.04.2012: Check out our Facebook page to see pictures from the Easter Parade in Alora.



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