If you a beginner or a pro at find your favourite tapas restaurant, you will want to read this article. Opening hours and list of dishes are just a start to what John Kramer has written. A great way to find your own favourite tapas restaurant!

Check it out. http://www.spain-holiday.com/Malaga-city/articles/10-best-tapas-bars-in-Malaga



12/06/2015 11:43

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11/09/2015 16:09

Me and some of my friends are going to visit Malaga next month I will recommend this restaurant to them. Also thanks sharing some good bars in Malaga and it will save us a lot of time.

08/10/2015 15:00

Thank you for sharing this useful information with, I am working in EN Srilankajetaime as a Real Estate agent. Malaga is a famous historical place, located in Costa del Sol and this is the capital city of the province. Malaga has big international airport, which is useful as a source of gateway between the different towns of Andalusia. This airport has the capacity of adjusting more than one hundred thousand visitors in a year.

07/12/2015 12:23

I wonder how many restaurant critics appears today.

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